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Glen Cutcher

In 2005, Glen Cutcher and his wife, Marlene, gave serious thought to once again establishing a studio for personal work.   The ensuing years have been an exciting, creative time for him.  Starting with a design line for vases, he continued to refine his unique studio ware.  Over the last few years Glen has been making a number of plates, platters and bowls on which he is drawing and glazing in a multitude of colors.  A series of spheres that he had been pit-firing,  transformed into a series of coarsely glazed spheres that can hold water and set off arrangements of flowers beautifully .  Glen’s work continues to be functional as well as decorative and works well as serving pieces  for those special occasions  Although varied, all of his work comes from a very organic and natural core.

 (608) 335-9194       

218 Spring St. Cambridge WI

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